Chinese chemical fiber output for 11 consecutive years, first in the world
  Founding of New China, China's chemical fiber industry a blank. After 60 years of development, chemical fiber industry from scratch and made great achievements, particularly the reform and opening up the domestic chemical fiber industry has entered a rapid development stage.

  With China's accession to WTO, China's rapid economic growth, rapid expansion of domestic and international textile market demand situation, the chemical fiber industry for 7 years, in nearly 20% of the rapid growth has made great achievements attracting worldwide attention for China's textile industry and the has made outstanding contributions to national economic development. In 2008, China's chemical fiber total capacity has reached 27.12 million tons, total output reached 24.05 million tons, accounting for 57% of world production has become truly the world's chemical fiber producer.

  Rapid growth of production capacity
  Strictly speaking, China's chemical fiber industry's history began in 1957. That year, China's gradual return of Anton Chemical Fiber Factory (later Dandong Chemical Fiber Plant) and well-being rayon mill (later Shanghai Chemical Fiber 4 plant). State and also complete sets of imported viscose filament technology, the building of Baoding Chemical Fiber Factory, the introduction of nylon filament synthetic fiber technology, and building in Beijing test plant, opened a new prelude to the development of China's chemical fiber industry.

  China's industrial system is man-made fibers initially formed in the 20th century, the early 60s. Countries in the digestion and absorption of imported equipment and technology, based on the establishment of the Nanjing Chemical Fiber, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Company and some other adhesive.

  In 1963, China imported Japanese million-ton scale vinylon technology and equipment, the establishment of Beijing vinylon plant. After 10 years, throughout the country, "pirated" building a 9 million-ton vinylon plant, vinylon became one of China's major chemical species.

  20th century 70s, Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Enlai personally instructed the state to focus funds to oil and natural gas as raw materials, the introduction of the world's advanced technology and equipment, has built the Shanghai Jinshan, Liaoyang, Tianjin, Sichuan Chuan Wei four large-scale petrochemical fiber joint ventures. So far, China's chemical fiber industry begun to take shape.

  Blink of an eye another decade, the 20th century, 80 years, the state sets of the introduction of large-scale, high-capacity polyester production technology, focusing on the building of Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Shanghai Jinshan second phase. To "75" at the end, that is, in 1990, China has been able to produce all of the conventional chemical fiber production capacity to 180 million tons, basically formed a relatively complete industrial system of chemical fiber.

  As the reform and opening up and deepening of economic reform, chemical fiber products to become one of the earliest open market, China's chemical fiber industry entered a period of rapid development. The 20th century, 90's, the world's chemical fiber industry, the rapid development of technology and equipment is widely used in China, effectively narrowing the China and the world advanced level. In 1998, China's chemical fiber production reached 5.1 million tons for the first time surpassed the United States ranked first in the world so far has been China's chemical fiber output for 11 consecutive years ranked first in the world.

  Into the 21st century, the chemical fiber industry intensifying the restructuring and achieved remarkable results. Significantly increase the economic scale enterprises, corporate ownership structure changed, the industry become more diversified capital structure, industrial clusters has been formed in the eastern region. The strengthening of industrial base, but also greatly contributed to technological progress, and a large capacity, high starting point, low-input localization of polyester and polyester filament of Engineering and Technology (from 300 tons / day to 1,200 tons / day) in the development and wider application as the representative of China's chemical fiber industry to upgrade technology products overall, has fully complied with the domestic and international competitiveness in the market for the world's chemical fiber industry has contributed to the restructuring.

  As of the end of 2008, China's chemical fiber total capacity has reached 27.12 million tons, is the beginning of reform and opening up in 1980, 520,000 tons production capacity of 52.2 times, accounting for 57% of world output, China's chemical fiber industry's position in the world has been increasing. Meanwhile, China's chemical fiber processing accounts for the proportion of the total textile fiber processing, chemical fiber textiles and apparel exports, chemical fiber processing volume per capita, chemical fiber industry to the national contribution rate of GDP, and China's chemical fiber in the garment, home textiles, industrial applications with the three the proportion of both rising. Fiber has become a major producer of China's textile industry raw materials, chemical fiber and downstream processing industry has become China's textile industry, the most important export industry.

  To achieve a breakthrough of major projects
The 20th century, 80 years, annual production capacity of key national investment in 530,000 tons of polyester and polyester staple fiber of Yizheng Chemical Fiber and Shanghai Jinshan 2 aromatics, PTA, polyester polyester complete installations, major projects to achieve a breakthrough. At the same time, large-scale chemical localization of complete sets of technical equipment for the rapid development of chemical fiber industry, providing strong technical support.

  Chemical fiber industry, technology and equipment through the introduction of the digestion, absorption, re-innovation, in the technology and equipment inside have made outstanding achievements in research and development. First, the localization of large complete sets of equipment made of polyester. The 20th century, the late 90s, the country has achieved an annual output of 100,000 tons of large sets of polyester filament yarn spinning plant and ancillary equipment at home, rapidly improved the level of domestic technology, reaching the international advanced level at the time. Then quickly zoom into the annual output of 150,000 tons, 200,000 tons, 30 million tons, so that after the project construction period than the "Eighth, Ninth Five Year Plan" period shortened by half, the unit capacity of the original investment of only 1 / 10 , unit operating costs reduced by 20% or so.

  2 is a complete set of viscose staple fiber equipment inside. The 20th century, the mid-90s, through the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation successfully achieved an annual output of 20,000 tons of viscose staple fiber production technology and equipment in China, on this basis, the "Tenth Five-Year" period and constantly improved and innovation has been to achieve an annual output of 45,000 tons or more single-viscose staple fiber equipment made in China, and quickly in new and expansion projects are widely used, which greatly promote the industry's technological progress and industrial upgrading and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

  Third, complete sets of spandex spinning equipment inside a row. In 2005, continuous polymerization, environmental protection and solvents, as represented by second-generation high-speed spinning spandex engineering successful localization for China's spandex industry's rapid development and full participation in international market competition to lay a solid technology base.

  Since 1992, liberalization of China's polyester product prices, while foreign capital market liberalization. Prior to 1999, the development of chemical fiber industry is mainly a wholesale introduction of the developed countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan, technical equipment, since 1999, with the constant deepening of the reform of state-owned enterprises, as well as localization of the technology matures, large-scale private capital began to enter the fiber industry, in particular the polyester industry, but also greater use of domestic technology and equipment. "15" period built 14.62 million tons of polyester capacity, 75% of the use of domestic technology, 25% of the use of imported technology, but there are still 25% in 60% ~ 70% of the use of domestic production equipment. The market will gradually open up the main competition, the participation of the various components to the chemical fiber industry development has brought great vitality.

  Strong support of national policy
  As the chemical industry to the textile industry, as well as an outstanding contribution to national economic development, received the nation's attention and policy support.
70s of last century, the state has developed, "the development of synthetic fibers and man-made fibers simultaneously" strategic approach, focusing on the development of synthetic fiber industry, has the building of the Shanghai Jinshan, Liaoyang, Tianjin, Sichuan Chuan Wei four large chemical fiber production base for textile industry The rapid development has laid a good foundation.

  The late 20th century, 90 by 1997 the Asian financial crisis broke out the negative effects of chemical fiber industry fell into a serious loss of a difficult situation. At that time, or chemical fiber industry as the main state-owned enterprises, private enterprises rarely, only a small amount of foreign-funded enterprises. In order to help relief the plight of the state-owned chemical enterprises, the state implemented the "debt-equity swap" policy. A total of Zhejiang and Zhejiang Chemical Fiber Industry of associated companies, Heilongjiang Longdi Company, Sichuan Polyester Company, Hunan Jin Di companies, nine state-owned enterprises to implement a "debt-equity swap."

  From 1999 to 2004, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, continued the implementation of the "differential chemical fiber," a special debt technological transformation, expedite the implementation of chemical fiber industry, technological advancement and product upgrades. "Differential chemical fiber," the implementation of specific technical transformation, innovation and enhanced product development capacity, promote the optimization of the industrial structure adjustment, especially polyester, polyester, viscose, spandex, nylon cord fabric made of complete sets of technical equipment such as the the successful development and promotion, which effectively promoted the rapid development of chemical fiber industry.

  At the same time the implementation of treasury bonds were special technical transformation "textile (fiber) complete sets of machinery and equipment inside," special. The ad hoc a strong impetus to large-scale chemical technologies and equipment inside for the subsequent rapid development of chemical fiber industry has made important contributions. For example, a large annual output of 100,000 tons of polyester sets of equipment made in China, annual output of 20,000 tons of viscose staple fiber production and equipment inside were adopted during this period the special treasury bonds to promote technical innovation achieved.

  In 2001, China's accession to WTO, China's chemical fiber industry has injected new vitality. Particular area of investment, the gradual opening up policy, a fundamental change in the total fiber from the "administrative examination and approval system" to "registration system" to speed up the development and expansion of private chemical fiber enterprises. At the same time by the end of 2001, the two countries in 2005 promulgated a new "to encourage foreign investment directory" and will include a number of chemical fiber and chemical fiber raw materials encouraged the project. It also greatly accelerated and facilitated the pace of foreign investment in chemical fiber industry.

  2005 ~ 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission specialized organizations to develop and launch a "chemical fiber industry" Eleventh Five-Year "development guidance", established the "Eleventh Five-Year" period the development of chemical fiber industry by the "quantity" to "technical efficiency-type" strategic change in the guiding ideology, made clear the chemical fiber industry development objectives and development priorities and put forward the development of high-tech fibers, raw material and fibers, as well as the technical direction of differential fiber made by the major Powers, chemical fiber production technology, strong directional change in the strategic objectives .

  To ensure the "Eleventh Five-Year" China's high-tech fiber development objectives and tasks have been fully implemented since June 2007 the State began implementing the "new and specialty textile fibers" bond project to increase the localization of high-tech fibers, industrial development The support, has been achieved important initial results. Up to now, chemical fiber industry, implemented a total of four bond projects approved by about nearly 20 billion yuan of social investment to start. At the national special fund to support China's new fibers, specialty fibers and differential fiber gained rapid development, a number of key technologies for high-tech level of domestic and achieved a major breakthrough.

  In response to the current world financial crisis, in April this year, the country formulated "the textile industry to restructure and revitalize the planning," clearly indicated that a chemical fiber textile industry as the most important basic raw material industry to support key development priorities. Because of all the textile and chemical fiber raw materials accounted for two-thirds of chemical fiber industry, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading is essential for the development of the textile industry, to a certain extent, affect the textile industry adjustment and the revitalization of the planning goals.

  60 years, China's chemical fiber industry breakthrough from zero, to promote economic development, people's material living standards rising, as well as national defense construction, aerospace, sports, culture and other undertakings to make a significant contribution to scientific and technological progress, China's chemical fiber industry has created brilliant achievements attracting worldwide attention, in order to build China textile and laid an important foundation for power. (This article is data by China Chemical Fiber Association)
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