China's textile and garment industry is stepping up
  Henan Province, held here, the toy industry to undertake the transfer of textile and garment fair Upload information, China's textile and garment industry from the coastal zone to accelerate, "West" trend evident in central and western regions to undertake textile and garment industry has become an important platform for the transfer.

  By the Henan provincial government held that the transfer of large-scale textile and apparel Toy Industry Fair opened on the 3rd, has attracted more than 2,200 textile and apparel merchants toy industry gathered in Zhengzhou. Up to now, the fair has collected 102 contracted projects, a total investment of 18 billion yuan, of which the contract outside the province to introduce foreign capital 17.1 billion yuan.

  The textile industry to turn this "out" Sunny?

  According to the participants of the China Textile Industry Association Du Chau, introduced in 2008, central and western regions of the textile industry investment in fixed assets grew 25% year on year and 22.1%, much higher than the national growth rate of 4.8%, while the eastern region fell by 5 %. In January 2009 to July, the central five provincial fixed asset investment in the textile industry increased by 20.94%, while the eastern province, a city of five fell 6.34%, from which we can see that textile and garment industry from the eastern to central and western regions posture significantly.

  According to industry analysts, textile and garment industry to expedite the Midwest, especially in the transfer of the central region, and central areas of land, resources, labor, environmental and other advantages are closely related. At the same time, many in central and western provinces and autonomous regions to seize the opportunity, have introduced policies and create a favorable economic environment, take the initiative to undertake the transfer of the eastern part of the textile industry, but also accelerated the industrial gradient transfer process.
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