Several well-known textile machinery manufacturers
  The Tenth China (Qingdao) International Textile Industry Exhibition will be held September 15 -17 at the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, there will be competing against the wide range of devices at home and abroad to an international audience of the latest achievements in the field of textile machinery to promote the Shandong and the surrounding cities of textile technical progress.

  Hong Kong Southern Star Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. will exhibit knitting machinery product line includes: computer horizontal knitting machine, circular knitting machine, automatic glove knitting machine, knitting machines and sewing horizontal plane. Sanderson (Shanghai) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce its five product lines: Santacompact CK pre-shrinking machine, Santabrush brushing machine, Santaspread cylinder pre-shrinking machines, Santasrhink dryer, Plurima wet and dry sanding machine. Bump Taiwan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. will showcase knitting machine (seamless underwear machine), computer embroidery machines, socks, weaving machines and tacking machine collar. About Cobb Muller Machinery Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. will demonstrate the production of narrow fabric looms with a zipper.
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